Sanneke Mulderink

I am Sanneke and one of the two founders of Lynxx. I am inspired by growth in a natural way. I love to create new shoots to a branch. At Lynxx we do this by investing in people’s growth and sincere connections with our customers. These core values are the drivers behind our continuous innovation and high performance.


Paul Rooijmans

I am Paul and one of the two founders of Lynxx. I am inspired by travelling and love being submerged in different cultures. By doing this I experience how things in life can be perceived in a different way. What I see as the solution for a problem is not always obvious for someone else. Looking at things from different angles helps me to keep a fresh and pragmatic view, with a Dutch creative twist.


Frank Beunder

Hi, my name is Frank. I joined Lynxx right from the start. As a partner I don’t only strive for beautiful solutions, but I also focus on a high service and good long term support. We all know problems or issues can surface, but it is an art to fix them in a blink of an eye 😉


Brian de Waal

My name is Brian. I have been working at Lynxx since 2011. It’s my conviction that things can only be brought to perfection if we understand not only what happens above the waterline, but also what is hidden beneath the surface. I am inspired by making genuine connections in order to celebrate success together.


Maaike de Groot

I am Maaike.

I have worked for Lynxx since 2012.

I am inspired by people. In my travels I have met many people with different beliefs and views of the world. They have taught me to see things from different perspectives – which helps me in my work to better understand the user and his needs.


Koen Frankhuizen


It’s me, Koen! I have worked for Lynxx since mid 2012 and enjoyed it ever since. Lynxx provides an environment where personal development and team spirit are valued much. I am inspired by technical and (data-driven) analytical problems. I love finding solutions to these problems which are applicable in an operational environment and have lasting impact on organizations.


Matthijs Bootsman

Hi, my name is Matthijs and I started at Lynxx as a graduate intern in the beginning of 2017. After graduating in Econometrics at the University of Amsterdam, I spent some months travelling through South and North America. Straight after this adventure, I started working full time as a data scientist. I find great pleasure in this job, as I can combine my creative, social and analytical skills. My inspiration mainly comes from meeting new people and discovering new cultures, which is why traveling is my greatest passion. Furthermore, I am a fanatic football player who likes to spend time with his friends and family.


Peter Nijhuis

In 2014 I started working at Lynxx. Both the energy and the vibe within the team were decisive factors to join Lynxx. Even though the team is rather diverse, we share a common factor which connects us and leads to new ideas and innovative projects. I believe in personal growth and enjoy travelling to learn from various cultures. At Lynxx I have the opportunity to combine both, to work with people abroad and to improve my skills and knowledge.



Lara Punt

I am Lara.

I have been with Lynxx since June 2015.

I am inspired by yoga and by the people that surround me. Lynxx is a dynamic place to work, always meeting deadlines; which is not much different from my situation at home, where I’m raising 4 children. Yoga is my sanity and it teaches me to sometimes look at things from a different perspective.


Myrne Ettema

Coming soon!

Matt McInnes
Matt McInnes

I’m Matt and I’m responsible for Lynxx in the Asia-Pacific region. Although I’m now based in Sydney, I consider myself to be a citizen of the world (but still waiting for a passport). I studied machine learning back when it used to be called linear regression, and I’m passionate about data and how they can be used to improve our quality of life. When I’m not working with our customers I’ll be trying to teach my kids about how to interpret the data around them.


Lanne Hupkens

My name is Lanne. I started writing my thesis for my master’s in econometrics in mid-2017 at Lynxx. After that I immediately started working on different projects. I like to find connections with the help of data analysis and the linking of different data sources, which people would not think of at first sight. In my spare time I like to play hockey or to be with friends or family.

Max van den Berg

Hi, my name is Max. I started working at Lynxx at the beginning of 2019. My passion is to use data analysis to reduce complex problems to something that is comprehensible for everyone. This in combination with a team of energetic and creative people, makes Lynxx the place to be for me. In my spare time you can find me at the beach riding waves and flying kites. Another hobby of mine is trying out new recipes in the kitchen.

Eefje Visser

My name is Eefje and I have been working at Lynxx since June 2019. I have a background in Business Administration and Econometrics, so I learned to approach a problem from different perspectives. I draw energy from solving complex issues and I like doing this together with my colleagues. In my free time I teach young children how to sail and I enjoy preparing extensive meals for friends and family.

Kim de Groot

Hello, I’m Kim. In April 2019 I started writing my master thesis at Lynxx. After 5 months I finished my thesis and started working on several projects. Complex problems, often quantitively solvable, intrigue me and give me energy. Lynxx creates a working environment that gives me the ability to combine both my creative and analytical side. Together in a team of inspiring and driven colleagues I’m able to develop myself as a consultant. Further I am a big fan of sports in general with a big passion for tennis. In the weekends you can always find me surrounded by friends, family and food.

Rogier Noordman

My name is Rogier and I have worked for Lynxx since October 2019. I have a great interest in the translation of complex data to user-friendly solutions, especially when these solutions have a positive influence on society. At Lynxx I get the possibility to actually do this. In my free time I am a fanatic football player and I watch football matches of several competitions.

Hessel Dikkers

My name is Hessel. I started working at Lynxx at the end of 2020. I have a background in Information Systems and Data Science. As a data engineer, I have a great interest in technical cloud solutions and data pipelines. Lynxx provides with me with the opportunity to further improve my skills and knowledge. The innovative and energetic team at Lynxx enables me to enjoy my job even more. In my spare time I like to play soccer and cook meals for friends and family. Moreover, I love skiing in the winter and travelling in general.

Harmen Schot

Hi, my name is Harmen and I joined the Lynxx team in February 2021 after studying econometrics in Rotterdam. I have always enjoyed solving complex puzzles and challenging myself to learn new things. At Lynxx, I’m able to do just that while also surrounding myself with a group of social, creative, and inspiring people. In my spare time, I like to do all sorts of sports and play a board game or two.

Dave Houtenbos

Hi, my name is Dave! After studying Econometrics & Operations Research at the VU in Amsterdam, I joined Lynxx in March 2021. What I like most about Lynxx is the open culture and the fact that we get challenged by complex questions. Together we’ll find a solution and have a drink and a chat afterwards. In my spare time I like to solve mathematical puzzles and brain teasers, play some board games, and meet up with family or friends.

Sander Kooi

Coming soon!

Lisa Swinkels

My name is Lisa and I started at Lynxx in April 2021. After graduating in Quantitative Logistics and Operations Research at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, I did consultancy work for international companies and spent some time travelling. When I wanted to be closer to home and my family, I started working at Lynxx. Here, I get to solve complex problems and I learn new things almost daily, both from my inspiring colleagues and the trainings we receive. I like to spend my spare time with my friends and family playing sports or boardgames.

Erik Post

I am Erik, part of the Lynxx team since April 2021. The culture of Lynxx is a blend of two attitudes that align well with me: curiosity and entrepreneurship. We eat data for breakfast and feel comfortable outside our comfort zones. Definitely my cup of tea! After graduating in Econometrics and Data Science, studying Korean in Seoul and running my own startup in Cape Town, joining Lynxx was a logical next step for me to fulfill my desire to solve analytical challenges.

Jeroen Swart

A member of the Lynxx team since June 2021, my current focus is data engineering. My goal is to develop data driven solutions to tackle societal challenges. I hold a Masters in Systems and Control from the TU Delft. Following my education, I learned software engineering at a Silicon Valley startup. In my free time I enjoy cycling and am lead singer of a coverband.

Koen Simons

Hi, I am Koen! I started working at Lynxx in September 2021 after finishing a master in Transport and Planning at TU Delft. From a young age, I have been interested in cities and their transportation systems. At Lynxx, I get to work in this field by solving problems in a quantitative and data-driven way, creating insights and tools together with a team of eager and analytical people. After work, I like to cycle and run outdoors as well as playing the piano.

George Weijs

Hi, my name is George and in 2020 I started writing my Civil Engineering master thesis at Lynxx. After finishing my thesis I stayed at Lynxx because of the culture and the energy within the team. I like to help people by analysing their problems and coming up with easy-to-use solutions and this is exactly what we do at Lynxx. In my spare time I like to be active, preferably outside, and spend time with my friends and family.

Rutger Stoll

Hi I’m Rutger. With my creative background and analytical experience, I strive to make data more human. At Lynxx, I found a thriving and international working environment, something that has always motivated me from previous experiences in New York and Dublin. I’m inspired by travelling and people, especially my one-kidneyed-brother (I’m not kidney you!). Find me on a movie set, at a music concert or on the hockey pitch.

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