Sanneke Mulderink

I am Sanneke and one of the two founders of Lynxx. I am inspired by growth in a natural way. I love to create new shoots to a branch. At Lynxx we do this by investing in people’s growth and sincere connections with our customers. These core values are the drivers behind our continuous innovation and high performance.


Paul Rooijmans

I am Paul and one of the two founders of Lynxx. I am inspired by travelling and love being submerged in different cultures. By doing this I experience how things in life can be perceived in a different way. What I see as the solution for a problem is not always obvious for someone else. Looking at things from different angles helps me to keep a fresh and pragmatic view, with a Dutch creative twist.


Frank Beunder

Hi, my name is Frank. I joined Lynxx right from the start. As a partner I don’t only strive for beautiful solutions, but I also focus on a high service and good long term support. We all know problems or issues can surface, but it is an art to fix them in a blink of an eye 😉


Brian de Waal

My name is Brian. I have been working at Lynxx since 2011. It’s my conviction that things can only be brought to perfection if we understand not only what happens above the waterline, but also what is hidden beneath the surface. I am inspired by making genuine connections in order to celebrate success together.


Maaike de Groot

I am Maaike.

I have worked for Lynxx since 2012.

I am inspired by people. In my travels I have met many people with different beliefs and views of the world. They have taught me to see things from different perspectives – which helps me in my work to better understand the user and his needs.


Koen Frankhuizen


It’s me, Koen! I have worked for Lynxx since mid 2012 and enjoyed it ever since. Lynxx provides an environment where personal development and team spirit are valued much. I am inspired by technical and (data-driven) analytical problems. I love finding solutions to these problems which are applicable in an operational environment and have lasting impact on organizations.


Simon Langbroek

My name is Simon Langbroek.

I have been part of the team since 2013.

Understanding complexity in order to achieve the best performance is what inspires me most. Lynxx empowers me to expand my fascination for machine learning and data science while being part of a fun and talented team.

Rhea van Brakel

I am Rhea and I started at Lynxx in October 2015. I can fulfill my passion for big data working at Lynxx. I think it is important to turn big data into business insights and so help customers improving their businesses. I love modern art and as a fashion enthusiast I enjoy collecting handbags.


Lauri de Boer

I am Lauri de Boer. I have worked at Lynxx since 2014. Besides work and my family I make sure I have enough time to read, preferably at home by the fire. That daily dose of drama helps me to stay inspired. Besides work and family, I made sure that I have enough time to read. A daily dose of literary drama is an important source of inspiration in my life.


Matthijs Bootsman

Hi, my name is Matthijs and I started at Lynxx as a graduate intern in the beginning of 2017. After graduating in Econometrics at the University of Amsterdam, I spent some months travelling through South and North America. Straight after this adventure, I started working full time as a data scientist. I find great pleasure in this job, as I can combine my creative, social and analytical skills. My inspiration mainly comes from meeting new people and discovering new cultures, which is why traveling is my greatest passion. Furthermore, I am a fanatic football player who likes to spend time with his friends and family.


Peter Nijhuis

In 2014 I started working at Lynxx. Both the energy and the vibe within the team were decisive factors to join Lynxx. Even though the team is rather diverse, we share a common factor which connects us and leads to new ideas and innovative projects. I believe in personal growth and enjoy travelling to learn from various cultures. At Lynxx I have the opportunity to combine both, to work with people abroad and to improve my skills and knowledge.



Emmy Willemsen

I’m Emmy and I have worked here since 2014.

Meeting people, listening to their ideas and the freedom of getting things done are things that inspire me!

Going outside into nature, on the water or visiting places helps me to get away from daily business and to experience the full freedom that I need to excel.


Dennis Schrijvers

I am Dennis Schrijvers.

I have worked at Lynxx since 2014.

I am inspired by all facets that explain our behaviour. Statistical inference and forecasting are crucial to get more insight in this area. I am thrilled to work at a company that allows me to explore my interests to the fullest.


Kevin Mann

My name is Kevin and I joined Lynxx early in 2015. I love being part of this versatile team of creative and open-minded people, thanks to whom I really enjoy solving the various problems we face every day. I have brought along with me an amazing album by Henry Saiz, whose music I listen to as much as possible.


Lara Punt

I am Lara.

I have been with Lynxx since June 2015.

I am inspired by yoga and by the people that surround me. Lynxx is a dynamic place to work, always meeting deadlines; which is not much different from my situation at home, where I’m raising 4 children. Yoga is my sanity and it teaches me to sometimes look at things from a different perspective.


Sam Huizeling

Hi, my name is Sam and I have been with Lynxx since September 2016.
Design for people. I always try to develop solutions and design for the users and their goals.
Utilizing this mindset while learning something new about coding everyday is what makes this job great everyday.

One of my passions is sport, especially soccer and american football. And just like most sports, teamwork is essential to achieve great things.
With Lynxx I have found my place in a great team.


Jelle van Kleef

I am Jelle.

My two passions are building stuff and improving my skills. Building stuff like woodworks and relationships. Mostly though, I love building simple solutions for complex problems. Fortunately, that is what I am doing on a daily basis at Lynxx. When I am not working on my coding skills, chances are you’ll find me windsurfing on the Dutch lakes.


Matt McInnes
Matt McInnes

I’m Matt and have recently joined Lynxx to focus on the Asia-Pacific region. I live in sunny (and occasionally wet) Sydney, but consider myself to be a citizen of the world. I’m passionate about data and economics and how it can be used to improve our quality of life. One day we’ll have hyperloop rail, personal drones and driverless cars. Until then, Lynxx will help improving what we do have. When I’m not working with our customers or trying to teach my kids about how to interpret the data around them, you’ll find me lobbying for high speed rail in Australia!


Vincent Hollander

I am Vincent.

As of November 2016, I am a part of the Lynxx team.
I have a background in motorsports and mechatronics, and I am constantly looking to broaden my personal and professional horizon. At Lynxx, I have the opportunity to do just that!
I am taking on the challenge to expand my software and data science skills and apply them in the field of public transport.

When not working, chances are that you’ll find me changing diapers, squashing, running or fixing rusty English cars.


Berend Schotanus

My name is Berend. My passion is building systems that work and Lynxx is an excellent place to do that. It starts with understanding what the system is all about. Not just at a technical level, the real world behind it is just as important. Then there is translation into design and code. To me it feels like an art, to create well structured, reusable and maintainable code. The goal is happy users who can achieve their tasks a little easier and do so with a smile.

Jasper Hoving

I’m Jasper. Almost everything about new technology spikes my curiosity and drives me to explore its inner machinery. This personality trait aligns perfectly with the innovative mindset of the people at Lynxx. Working as a developer in a small team gives me the opportunity to write code that has a direct impact and to have a lot of fun at the same time! Oh, and I love exploring new places while traveling abroad and when I’m back home playing some tunes on the guitar.

Zaja Brummer

Hi, my name is Zaja and I am part of the Lynxx team since the end of 2016. I started as a graduate intern to write my master thesis, and now I work with my colleagues on many other challenging cases . I am most interested in solving business issues using results from an abstract data analysis. Besides, I enjoy snowboarding and I like being in the water to surf or to dive, somewhere tropical on the other side of the world.

Jay Verhulsdonck

I’m Jay. I started at Lynxx as a graduate intern in 2017 and have stayed here since then. What inspires me most about data science is the possibility to discover new insights in topics that were assumed to be completely understood already. Fortunately, at Lynxx you get plenty of opportunities to dive into all kinds of data. Besides work, I enjoy cycling and running, as well as cooking and especially eating food.

Lanne Hupkens

Mijn naam is Lanne. Ik ben half 2017 bij Lynxx begonnen met het schrijven van mijn scriptie voor mijn master econometrie. Daarna ben ik gelijk begonnen met werken aan verschillende projecten. Het leukst vind ik het om met behulp van data-analyse en het koppelen van verschillende databronnen verbanden te vinden, waar men op het eerste gezicht niet aan zal denken. In mijn vrije tijd sta ik graag op het hockeyveld of ben ik met vrienden of familie.

Edwin Berendse

Tranzer is sinds februari 2018 mijn uitdaging. Overzicht en details zijn de zaken waar ik graag tussen schakel. Met een team waar respect, oprechtheid, vertrouwen en plezier een gegeven zijn, maakt dit mijn werk nog leuker. Met een hoofd vol mini-projecten, knutsel ik in mijn vrije tijd graag wat dingen in elkaar of probeer ik wat nieuws uit.


Pepijn Mulders
Pepijn Mulders

I’m Pepijn, after running my own e-commerce startup for two years I’m back at Tranzer. Getting tons of work done in a small team and maintaining focus to do only what is needed, that is what I like. The process of solving a customers problem is what I love doing most, kill hypothesis by simply talking to the customers.


Sander van Aken

Hi there! My name is Sander and I joined Lynxx in September 2018. Ever since I was young, I have been inspired by both puzzles, and traffic and transport processes. My primary motives: a never-ending hunger for knowledge and new skills, and the quest to improve other people’s lifes by using quantitative techniques. At Lynxx, I have the opportunity to do this in a dynamic environment while developing myself. Outside of work, I enjoy broadening my horizon by travelling, and trying new sports and recipes.

Paul Haarman

I am Paul and I recently started working at Lynxx. For me, cultural diversity and surrounding yourself with a mixed bag of people, forces you to have a keener look at yourself and the world. Improving products and services using insights, data, analysis and creativity in collaboration with other people is something I look forward to every morning. Especially if those products and services make the world a little bit better.

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