How do I use my Zero Emission fleet
as efficiently as possible?

The Zero Emission Consumption Analyzer (ZECA) gives unique historic and future insights in the performance of your electric vehicles. It uses industry standard inputs to summarize historic performance and optimize future usage of your fleet.

By making use of state-of-the-art machine learning models, energy consumption can be predicted on even the lowest levels, such as single rides. As above-expected consumption rates can be identified in the early stages, ZECA allows you to plan as efficiently as possible, making optimal use of your Zero Emission fleet.


How works Zero Emission?


ZECA uses industry standard trip and consumption information, and links these sources if needed.


It then summarizes all this information in key performance indicators, allowing for quick, objective decision making.


By zooming in on historic energy consumption, the planning of Zero Emission vehicles can be optimized.


ZECA then predicts future consumption using machine learning models and identifies excess consumption well on time, allowing for timely amendments in the planning.