Municipalities and government bodies

Local reachability by public transport
Transport and mobility is an important aspect of your community. The quality of your public transport should be of high standard. But how is your region performing on public transport and what is high standard? Urban-Engine can evaluate your local public transport network and rate these based on travel times, number of connections, wait-time and many more metrics. Alternatively, it can also give insight in the shortest travel time to schools, hospitals and other utilities. The results of these evaluations provides you with the necessary insights to make data driven decisions and improve mobility.

How to future proof mobility your region?
With the ever-increasing usage of private cars, congestion and carbon emission, innovative new solutions and modalities are currently being developed. The challenge is to evaluate which initiatives best complements the current infrastructure and help you achieve your goals best. Urban Engine helps finding the best innovative solutions for your region by evaluating the increase in overall reachability for each initiative. From electric bike sharing to on demand transport, it is all available! We are keen on telling you more!