Mining all different kind of
needed data from your own sources

Lynxx takes care of your data by mining all different kind of needed data from your own sources. We do this by either setting up a data platform within the company environment. Or Lynxx can offer a cloud platform. Both ways we can create analytical models based on large amounts of data. We always take care of your data management in a secure environment.

We see Machine Learning (deep learning) and AI as a framework of different methods (mathematical models and algorithms) to find, understand and predict patterns in data by first learning from the data. The extremely complex patterns in data can often not be understood or found by people and can therefore not be understood by explicit and static programming or standard business rules. To apply the methods and models well, excellent statistical and math skills are required. Many of these models are based on statistics to prevent over and under fitting and to achieve a perfect fit. Thanks to our statistical expertise, we can find this balance well and advise on this.